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1Zvbp8Js0B5134061 Is Not A Super Snake

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Well after the fourth dealership phone call this morning asking to verify an owner modified GT500 as a Super Snake its probably best to document this car on the net as it doesn't look its going to go away.


Apparently an Oklahoma dealer got tricked into taking in trade an owner modified 2011 GT500, VIN #1ZVBP8JS0B5134061, believing it is a Super Snake which it is NOT.


So after giving this dealership the bad news when they called SAI to verify the car, I've now received THREE additional phone calls from other Oklahoma dealers wanting to verify the car. Why these other dealers are calling I'm not exactly sure but its starting to look like the dealer that got fooled is now trying to unload the car and is not passing on the info that this car is just an owner modified GT500.


So for anyone that see's a black in color 2011 GT500 in the Oklahoma area being advertised as a Super Snake, well lets just say buyer beware. The car may be a great owner modified car, its just that it is not a Super Snake.




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