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Thoughts On The Following Whipple Combo


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Ok I have a 2009 GT500 with a Whipple 2.9 with 3" pulley, 72# injectors! Fore Inovations complete Returnless fuel system, Ford Racing Dual 65mm TB, JLT 127 mm CAI, 170 TSTAT, C&R HE with dual fans, AFCO Aluminum Radiator, extra large coolant tanks, ARR 1 7/8 LTH with high flow cats, Magnaflow cat back exhaust, McLeod RXT, Dynotech aluminum drive shaft, 3 73 gears, sub frame connectors and rear end girdle. Was thinking of putting a IW 10" OD pulley on her this spring. What do you think? Anyone running a similar combo? Was thinking this would be the end of HP mods till I have the engine rebuilt by L&M. Thanks for all your thoughts and inputs.


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Hi Mark, I'm not at that level but your car is a beast! You must be pushing in the 750whp range or higher with those mods. I wouldn't add more until you have the motor rebuilt. If you really want more boost, you could install the 2.8 supercharger pulley. I believe using the 10% o.d. crank pulley with the level you're at may stress the engine enough to break something.

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