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Hey friends!


So i am still on deployment but have been very busy researching and buying mods for my 07 SGT. It has just under 15,000 miles but i feel like it needs a few things to help compete with today's competition so here is the list of what i have bought (yet to be put on)

I went with Steeda because i read that most of the FRPP packages were engineered by Steeda, and they claim to have the least NVH.


Steeda LCA (with relo brackets)

Steeda adjustable UCA with the optional stronger brackets

Steeda adjustable panhard bar with strenghtened brackets.


MGW shifter (graphite colored flat stick w/a white cue ball...not yet advertised on their site for Mustangs) yeah i went back and forth on this mod, i know it is taking away from the SGT options, but once you try MGW you never go back...i Had them on past Mustangs.


FRPP 4.10 gears w/ complete install kit.

18x9 Razors front and 18x10 Razors back



I want to mainly make it a fun street car but occasionally would like to throw it at a autcross course or 8th mile.


With mods listed do you think i will be competitive at all? i haven't decided on tires. Most likely go with Nitto NT05. I am sure a programmer, tune, & Steeda CF intake tube will be added before i get home and possibly a one-piece driveshaft.

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Nice ride! Thank you for your service ! What you have listed is a very nice list of welcoming home presents. I think you will be pleased and all your parts listed are good parts that will bring a smile!






Thanks Francis! I sure do miss my Shelby! It is just sitting in the garage collecting dust (GF can't drive stick but knows how to start it in neutral) I really hope these mods wake up a already fun car. I tried to do them as tastful as possible, afterall it isn't a basic GT.


I also got a few appearance mods. Performance white mirror covers, Shelby GT engine cap set, the wheels noted above, (stoked to see them), Shelby aluminum quarter window trim, Shelby aluminum taillight trim, Berg snake headrest covers, and some MGW brand console/radio eye candy. I am keeping all of my stock pieces in the event that i ever trade this car on a GT500 and next owner wants them.

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As stated above , thanks for your service! :salute:


Nice SGT. And you know that while you're away if you need any help with your car, or any thing else, you only need ask and someone from Team Shelby will be more than happy to assist, i.e. your GF needs to move the car or something like that, just let us know.

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SoCalSGT - thank you for the support! 39Mustang - sorry to hear you do not approve, however i respect your opinion.


Does anyone have any positive feedback on the parts listed? surely someone runs one or two of these mods...

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Thank you for your service.


I know all too well what it's like to be away from our beloved cars.

I have a set on Chrome Shelby Razors 18 X 9/10 on the way wrapped in Mickey Thompson Street Comps. Can't wait get them installed.

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I think those mods are right on the money. I'm running the 4:10's with The Steeda UCA, Lca. Che Lca relocation brackets, etc. I did run the Nt05's and liked them but the Michelin Pilot Super Sports are much better in my opinion, stickier, better track times and last longer. It seemed like the Nt05's heat cycled out and lost grip pretty quick. If you track it my next move would be higher performance brake pads, Dot 4 fluid, brake cooling ducts and possibly stainless steel brake lines. I think your really going to like the improvement the mods you've picked are going to make, and Thank you for your service, we all appreciate that greatly.

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I debated all of this when I still had my 2006 Mustang GT (and while I was considering buying a Shelby GT). Here's my opinion on the mods you listed:


Steeda LCA (with relo brackets) - good piece of mind on lowered Mustangs
Steeda adjustable UCA with the optional stronger brackets - not really necessary
Steeda adjustable panhard bar with strenghtened brackets - necessary for centering axle, poly bushings more appropriate for street than race rod ends
MGW shifter - relatively inexpensive mod that changes the whole feel of the car and driving experience
FRPP 4.10 gears w/ complete install kit. - too short for my taste. 3.73 is as short as i'd go on a daily driver and it is enough to more frequently put the gearbox in the engine's power band
18x9 Razors front and 18x10 Razors back - changes the whole persona of the car in terms of outside appearance (for the better), but not really an improvement for the track or for traction


If it were my car, I'd do the following:


FRPP 3V intake manifold

FRPP hotrod cams

FRPP throttle body

Steeda Carbon Fiber Air Intake Tube

X-Pipe w/Hi-Flow Catalytic Converters

Steeda Underdrive Pulleys

If you're trying to really track the car, I'd do all of the above, plus the following:

Bumpsteer kit

Sway bar end links

torque box frame rail kit

Watts link

Brake line upgrade kit

Slotted rotors

Better brake pads

Ceramic shorty headers (mainly for heat savings)

Good luck. They might not be the fastest cars on the road, but they are still awesome.

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I have the same Steeda parts 5111, with the exception of the LCA relocation brackets (steeda), mine are the FRPP model that came on the boss 302, liked that they didn't need to be welded, where the steeda ones strongly recommended it. But the parts did make a noticeable difference in the ride, and you are correct, not much of a difference in NVH. But then again I have LT headers so I hear a lot of exhaust note, lol. Also have the 410's and loved them before the SC upgrade, not so much anymore and will prob go to 373's. I went with the one piece driveshaft that Steeda sold (axle exchange) before they started doing their own, I liked that it doesn't use an adapter plate like most others do. The Steeda parts are well designed and perform nicely, you'll like them. Post up when you get them installed and let us in on your opinion. Also like others have said thank you for your service, I spent 21yrs in the Navy and def know how the deployments are. Good luck with the car and stay safe.




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well i bought the Steeda Carbon Fiber inlet elbow today. Now i am shopping for tires to go with the new wheels and i gotta say....the numbers scare me a little lol. So for the Michelin Pilot Super Sports i will look at around 1200 bucks. I wonder if i should get the Nitto's afterall since longevity isn't a concern since it doesnt get driven much as a secondary car. But i want the most grip for both cornering and straight line.


Anyone want to chime in?


BTW- MyBlueHeaven, your strut tower brace. Did you mask that off and paint it yourself? is that the FRPP (shelby factory) piece? I love the idea.

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Most grip between the NT05's and the Pilot Super Sports will be the Michelins. http://m.caranddriver.com/comparisons/michelin-pilot-super-sport-page-10 that links to a good Car and Driver read ranking up some of the hot ultra performance summer tires. I did like the Nt05's but they seemed to lose there grip quickly, and wore like you would expect a 200 tread wear rated tire would. You could really see the wear each time you took them to the track and as a result of heat cycling lost their ability to grip on the street fairly quickly. The first time I took the Michelins out on the track I was able to drive the car deeper into the corners than I ever had been able to with the Nitto's and was surprised at the improvement in the grip over the Nitto's when the Nitto's were new. I liked the Nitto's, hated how fast they got used up. Love the Michelin's, worth the price just for the performance increase, pays for the difference in the price with the increased longevity.

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BTW- MyBlueHeaven, your strut tower brace. Did you mask that off and paint it yourself? is that the FRPP (shelby factory) piece? I love the idea.



The Brace is the FRPP V-6 / Bullitt brace it's not the one that came with our cars no. I switched it out a few years back because the stock brace didn't fit over the FRPP intake manifold that I had on the car prior to the KB. I did mask it off and paint it myself, you can get the factory colors in a spray can at http://www.automotivetouchup.com/ . The brace came in a silver color so all I had to do was mask and Spray the blue and then clear coat it a few times. It came out good.


You'll like the carbon fiber tube, I had that as well before the KB. it was a nice piece and really improved the looks under the hood over the stock piece.


Strut tower brace link: http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/M-20201-F.htm




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Pilot Super sports it is! now for the size. I bought the Shelby Razors (jumped on the bandwagon) but did not go 20's. I have the 18x9 and 18x10.


With that said and knowing the car is lowered with 4.10 gearing in mind. What would the best size for these be? I was thinking about doing 2007 GT500 spec tire size, or slightly different 255/40/18 & 285/35/18. but would like your inputs before i order. Should i consider a 30 sidewall due to FRPP suspension? I do not want to go too wide and lug the car down, nor decrease it's potential when thrown into some corners during spirited driving. Please help me out with this!


BTW the adjustable UCA's i ordered were also to help me from rubbing the oversized tire if necessary.

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An adjustable UCA is nice to set the pinion angle when at W.O.T. You probably don't need it if you stay around stock HP, I think. If you plan future SC, then good mod. It will not stop tire rub.

I went with LFP adjust UCA with Steeda LCA (seen in sig below)Definite improvement over stock.

I would go with as wide a tire as you could match on these width rims. Maybe 275 front and 305 back with matched depth...


As former Marine, I too thank you for your service and since I live in Northern Cali, if you need your sweet ride blown out, I'm willing! :)

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