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Shelby Gt500 Guitar

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Hi Everybody. I am proud of this Fender Telecaster which I have converted to a "Shelby-Tele", or "Cobra-Caster" whichever you prefer.

It started out as a 2013 Fender 50's Model (Not an actual vintage guitar, just one made to vintage specs.) I took it apart and found a auto body shop who would paint the body Grabber Blue to match my 2013 GT500.

The Cobra logo and the SHELBY lettering I purchased directly from Shelby American in Las Vegas.

For those who may not recognize it, that black pick guard is made from the LP record, MUSTANG SALLY by Wilson Pickett.

You can't see it, but there are black racing stripes and lettering around the side edge of the guitar to match our car.


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Black with Gold stripes! Absolutely!

I see you are in Canada. Does that present any shipping problems?

Cost would depend on model of guitar I start with. It wouldn't have to be a Telecaster. That is just the style of guitar that I prefer.

I don't know if you are serious but thank you for the complement!

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