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Lot #444 - Which Car Is This


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Based on the wear on the seats and such, looks to be probably a pretty low mile car. With it's spot in line, could be a good buy for somebody. Sometimes based on the time early in the day and week, you can get very good cheap deals, even at BJ.

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Gaveled today at $36,000. Total price is shown as $39,600. Description stated just under 10,300 miles.

$36k minus the B-J costs brings the sellers net down to a sub-total of around $32k minus whatever costs it took to get the car to Scottsdale.


$32k for a 10k mile car, not so good for the seller but in the ballpark of what these cars sell for.



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Need to stop selling them in the 30 range and demand more money or no sale. That said, there are a lot out there for sale. 10K on the od, pretty good on the mileage.

I agree. Stop taking less...These cars are better than the prices they are selling for...

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