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Something Wrong With Shifter, Or Transmission? Down-Shifting Into 2Nd Gear Only Is Awful.


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Just wanted to ask this, since I got the car, unless I'm like 15mph or below, going into 2nd gear becomes a "yank" where as down-shifting into any other gear (even 1st) is smoother. It does not grind, just feels like when I down-shift it's "notch-notch" I mean if you don't really give it a good pull you can easily pop out of second thinking you are on it. Car has done this since I got it, it's a '12 GT-500. I just don't get why the ONE fun gear in the city is so friggin annoying, it does not grind, but if I want to shift fast into it, I have to literally "rip" it into gear, or go through the clunky "click-click" process. Is this related to the transmission or the shifter? I'm totally down for getting the MGW shifter, but this is annoying as hell putting the clutch down then missing a rev match as the shifter has to go through two LONG "click----click" notches.


Stopped it does not do this, only when moving, and strangely, 2 out of 20 times it will go in like butter @ 25-45mph. Any ideas?

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I haven't experienced the dreaded 1-2 shift hassle that many of our members have commented on, but I did find the stock shifter a bit too loose for my taste, so I put the MGW in my '12 and haven't had anything but a great shift every time since. There's threads in here on the subject so you might want to dive into them a bit to help clarify the tranny/clutch/shifter symptoms and actions to correct that many of our guys have taken.

Realize I've given no real insight, but wanted to let you know the shifter is kind of infamous for its ability to frustrate. Good luck with getting to a smoother shift.



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