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Dodge Dorango Shelby


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Hi guys,


Just after some advice and help.


My uncles owns one of these trucks, it's based with me in the uk. He and the family have been back the the U.S.A for the past 4 years.

The family are coming back this feb so me and my farther are going through the truth sorting all the service and parts.


Can anyone confirm the brake set up? It has discs on the rear and ap calipers on the front. Are these off a particular model?

Also we have a intake air temp fault? The is a temp sensor in the plastic top hat above the throttle body. Is this the sensor? I thought it would be in the intake it's self.

Last question it have a box screwed to the inner wing? Is this msd piggy back? It has kenny bell wrote on it. It also has a programe lead connector? Can we adjust anything? Is there software available?


Thank you in advance.

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