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Cars & Coffee Irvine Is Officially Over


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The popular Cars & Coffee Irvine (CA) event held every Saturday since 2006 has been closed. Saturday, December 27th was supposed to have been the last Cars & Coffee. Due to the tremendous overcrowding and safety issues that occurred at the December 20 event, it was decided to cancel the last Cars & Coffee on December 27th. Click on the link below for coverage of the December 20th event.




Here's a link to a letter from Cars & Coffee explaining the decision to cancel the December 27th Cars & Coffee:



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C&C Irvine was a catalyst to dozens of other C&C spinoffs all over the country. I went hundreds of times going back to it's start at the Starbucks in Crystal Cove. In all that time, I never had a bad experience there :rockon: Some poaching by the 'emission s police' who were pulling over and inspecting underhoods of modded cars as they exited was a chickenshi! move by the city of Irvine but that was really no fault of the C&C group. I was there on December 20th event, lot was full by 615 as was the parking structure so naturally we spilled into the parking lot of the new Marriott hotel. I can see how that property owner would not appreciate that ever happening again :nonono: I noticed a couple TS members at the inaugural Tustin show yesterday so I know you guys have found the new location without much trouble.Lets keep it a semi-secret as to not outgrow this spot as well... Its further from my house than the Irvine venue but I'm sure I'll still be there representing three Saturdays out of four like I have for the last 8 years :reading: Funny that the Panera Bread store's coffee IMO was not as good as what they served outta hotboxes in the Irvine lot

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I usually went once a month with my oldest when he was home visiting from CO. I couldn't go on Dec 20 so had planned on Dec 27 only to find it cancelled. Haven't seen anything on Tustin yet as the current information was they were considering several OC sites. Can you send me the new location? Is it official and still on the down low or just a test run for now?

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