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Need Help Selling A 2009 Kr

Ford Fest

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A local KR owner contacted me looking for help selling their 2009 KR. They bought the KR a little over 2 years ago from our local Ford dealership that had it on the showroom floor since 2009. I'm planning on visiting them to get pics and more details. I'm just trying to get an idea of a realistic price that they should go to market with. They are not looking to dump the car as they don't have to sell it.


Welcome ALL feedback


Details. . .


Triple Black

Around 3,000 miles

No mods

Brake ducts have not been installed (still in the trunk)

Original owner

Garage kept

It has been driven in a rain storm once

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Local dealer here in Michigan still has a KR that is also an 09 model.

Silver with blue stripes he refused 60 k a few years ago.

He had an raffle for the car, the lady that won said she would take the car but didn't and took the cash prize instead of 25 k.

The car still sits in the showroom of the dealership, and everything is still in the trunk and the interior still has the plastic covers everywhere and floor mats and such are still in the trunk.

I don't know the miles on the car but I would think its less than 100 and maybe much less.

I think he would take 50 K for the car now but I am not sure, Guess I'll have to stop by and ask what they want for it.

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Well, since it got caught out in the rain once that will devalue it something terrible. JK. I think I would try to wait until Spring to sell as its not the best time of year to try to sell a toy like thi

s. GLWS.

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This black 2008 was sold by a dealer recently:



They had listed it several times (think the started at 50k) before they finally sold it (~49k).


In my opinion: As private seller, you currently have to be quite patient if you want more than 46k for a slightly used KR. But I agree with 08KR525, winter is probably not the best time to sell a KR.




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Unfortunatetly I have to agree especially with the black KRs. Right now they (KRs) are just "used"cars in the eyes of most especially with all the new high performance candy coming out. Iwould wait for spring also.


Quick sale (dumping it) in the 40s.

Waitng a while ...in the 50s as buyers are looking for the next KR to be dumped by an anxious seller.


What they should sell for ain't happening now.

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Agree, not the best time to sell. But, on the flip side it could be a good time to list it as most of us are cooped up during the winter.


I'm going to try to take a few pics and gather more details. Thanks Summer for posting the eBay link! Great comparison!

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