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2007 Carroll Shelby Signed Dash Or Sun Visors. Any Out There For Sale?


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I recently purchased a personally signed airbag cover at the Shelby Heritage Center, Las Vegas. They have both hand-signed and autopen signatures. The personally signed cover cost me $2000.00. (yes, two grand!) The autopen version is just $200.00. These are sold tax-free and the money goes to the Shelby Foundation. It was easy to install myself as I looked at YouTube for instructions. My car is a 2013 GT500 with the carbon fiber style dash. The cover I bought is brushed aluminum and looks great. They also have a polka-dot finish airbag cover.

You will have to talk to them about availability, but when I was there last week they had both on display.


Update 12/22/14 I went over to the Shelby Heritage Center today and asked their staff about shipping the signed airbag covers. I was told they are not set up to bill and ship items. You should contact the Shelby Foundation direct for out of town purchases. I'd also like to mention that the Shelby Foundation will auto-pen sign just about anything you want to send them. Last time I checked, the fee for this was $75. Very reasonable! Contact them for details.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all.

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At a car show this past Saturday we were talking about Shelby signatures. One guy was wearing a Ford Mechanics jacket with a wide white racing stripe, Carroll signed it for $25. Another guy has a Super Snake, and Carroll signed it for $250.00. I sure got in on this too late.

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I would never part with my signed visor, I got it done a year before he died. Sad thing is, I included a camera and they didn't use it. Imagine my disappointment when I developed an unused disposable camera.

Your not alone. Happened to me also. That said, Got the signature.

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Either signature will embody the spirit of the man and the car .... do what fits your budget.

Well sated Larry. Carroll's most cherished effort has been the CSCF. He has stated that many times. An autopen signature still goes to the efforts to help young children in need. As stated in other threads about the signatures, I say display it loud and proud and support the cause. "Do whatever option fits your budget"

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Anyone out there has an autographed dash part or sun visor for sale for a 2007/8 Shelby?

You could go this route:




Installation steps:

1. Have your sexy assistant take them out of the plastic and get ready to hand them to you. Then have her clean the dash area.




2. Have your sexy assistant hold the plaque in position for a dry fit.



3. While your sexy assistant is holding the plague perfectly level and centered. Install a piece of blue painters tape at the bottom leading edge of the plaque.



4. Carefully set the plaque into position at the bottom leading edge. Only press the bottom edge down very lightly in case you have to re adjust it.



5. Double check it to make sure it is level and centered.



6. Remove the blue tape and check it again to make sure it is level and centered. You can use the dots on the dash to make sure it is level. Then press it down firmly.








1. Then you are done with the first car



2. Then move to the 2nd car and repeat all the steps over. The finished product should turn out similar to this



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