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Peter Demick

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It seems that the last few years have just flown by... Son is done with college, off on his own, luckily only 40 minutes away.. Remember the 07 Twin turbo that was such a pain in my butt.... Well, I still have it and have been working steadily away at all the little issues... On the stock 61 mm turbos, I managed to run 144.9 at 10.4.. I know I should be faster off the line, but wasn't because I couldn't build boost on the line due to ineptness of the driver and not realizing a little mistake.. So last winter I decided to install Precision CEA 64/66 turbos rated at 900 hp per turbo. I took my time and did a great job, better than most shops.. It sat for a long time this year waiting to find time to tune.. John L tuned the car in August and happiness ensued.. Broke the 1k mark with 1006 rwhp.. Haven't been up to the track yet but better brakes are obvious now... Installing brake cooling kit over the winter along with a Barton shifter. Anyhow,, just happy to be back.. looking forward to my 16 GT350..Flat Plane!!!! Yes..... Pete

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