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The 500 Hats That Came Out With 2006 Gt-H

Sully 07-353

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Do you have a picture of the hat you are talking about. I'm not aware of any hat which there were only 500 made, one for each car. There were a couple versions of Hertz Shelby hats done. I have a few that I can look at for where they were made.


If you're talking about the one with 2006 embroidered on the back, Hertz on the side, and Shelby GT-H on the front, the Falcon tag says Bangladesh.

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The one with 2006 on the back is the first hat given to Hertz employees, the one with the Carroll Shelby sig is the second gen hat which was sold on the market.


Not sure on the number of the first gen hats, but greater than 500 I believe. I think each Hertz location got quite a few, but could be mistaken. That is just the story I heard back when.

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There were at least four versions of that hat, perhaps even more when you factor in the latest GTH logo hats. Let's just say trying to get three companies, Ford, Hertz and Shelby American, all with their own marketing departments and agendas, to agree on a single design, presented some challenges.


If someone is alluding to only 500 hats being made, one for each GTH car, that was never the case.



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Well thanks for the Info


I have one that said Bangladesh


I have one that said China


I have one like H0050 said



Awwww shit. So there's more GT-H hats that I've gotta hunt down for my collection. Jeeze.



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