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Production Of 07 Sgt ?


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Did Ford or Shelby come up with a total pre-production number of 07SGT or was it dealer orders "driven" or both to make up the total cars made?


EXAM = Ford/Shelby planned 4000 min & the dealer orders just added more to the list?




GOD Bless

Jim & Judy


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From an older thread:




Here's the info from Roger & Steve as of Feb 2010:

Here is the Blue Shelby GT information: 2008

Blue Coupes 1121 5 spd. 973 auto. 148
Blue Convertibles 778 5 spd. 573 583 auto. 195

Grabber Orange Coupes 215 5 spd. 211 auto. 4
Grabber Orange Conv. 0

Barrett Jackson Coupe 61 5 spd. 47 auto. 14
Barrett Jackson Conv. 39 5spd. 28 auto. 11

Total Production 2214
Coupe 1397 5spd.1231 auto. 166
Convertible 817 5spd. 611 auto. 206


Shelby GT information: 2007

Black Coupes 3,385 (5 spd. 2,876 auto. 509)
White Coupes 2,266 (5 spd. 1,771 auto. 495)

Total Production 5,651


2006 & 2007 Hertz production:

2006 Coupes
500 Total Production
496 auto, 4 manual transmission

2007 Convertibles
500 Total Production
482 auto, 18 manual transmission


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Well, now you have the numbers, hopefully someone knows how they came up with the numbers and can chime in so your question is answered. Thanks for posting the numbers grsybtch, good to have for all of us.





You're quite welcome!



Go back on this forum and read the discussions from a few years ago. There's a wealth of information on the whole program and history.

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First off as Steve (aka Grsybtch) stated there is a wealth of information out there.... may I suggest you start with this thread....




while your there you MUST watch the vid posted in the 4th reply....


below is a quote from that thread that may answer your question....

The plan was always to make less for the second year, depending on the speed that the dealers were moving the '07s. It was a first time program, we were not able to forecast what the sales volume would be anyways. I also think that Carroll wanted less cars for the '07s too, but then he made a compromise with Ford marketing that wanted more than 10K units....

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Shelby American had nothing to do with how many cars were manufactured. The Shelby GT was a Ford factory car that had a manufacturing step that was done at Shelby American. Every Shelby GT (and GT500KR) built by Ford went to a dealer, and they all went through Shelby American.


If you wanted, and your dealer agreed to it, you could have your car shipped to you directly from Shelby American instead of shipping to the dealer with a potential second shipment. I did that with mine. SAI required the dealer paperwork to show that it was paid for and specific authorization from the dealer to skip having it delivered to them.

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The 2007 Shelby GT had a production cap of 10,000 units, which was not reached. While the 2007 SGT sold rather well, dealers did have them sitting on their lot. With the convertible along with new colors coming for the 2008 model year, many dealers were reluctant to place additional orders for the 2007 SGT which prevented reaching this build cap.



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