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427 Csx 6000 On Government Auction, "rare Automatic"


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I came across this Car on Gsaauctions,, It Must Be A Seizure Car, Marshals Office Selling It, 5 Days Left On The auctiion,

You Have To Leave A Bid Deposit To Bid,, Opening Bid Is $49500, Reserve Not Met


Description says 427 Fe Stroker, C6 Auto, navy Blue, 756 Miles , 2010 Build, Fiberglass Body


Just A Heads Up To Anyone Interested,,, someone Lost There Car Doing Something Bad I Would Guess

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Law enforcement will seize your property at any chance they can. I wouldn't judge the person by saying he did something BAD....unless you know the circumstances its always not good to assume. If anything our government is so corrupt they will steal anything they can get their hands on.


Never in a million years would I purchase something seized by our government that was someone else's pride and joy......Theres a lot of bad Karma and negativity with these auctions.

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The reality is this car has a lot of unknowns about it, way too many inconsistencies in the government written description, and too many blocks between now an Monday to sort it out, plus you have to mail a check to Georgia to bid. It's been out there in other places for a few weeks and still has only one bid below the reserve. It's poison. Stay away. if you want more info go to the cobra forums... I live 20 miles away, could go look at it and will not even think about getting past the guards to inspect it. The amount you have to submit is 9900 so guessing that is 10% they expect a 100K reserve. You'd be better off trying to figure out what is behind door #3.


Go for it though. It could be the steal of the century. Or not.

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