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Exhaust For 2009 Gt 500


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I ordered mine from Blue Oval Industries a WHILE ago.


Best ~$500 I spent and piece of cake (if you have an extra joint in your forearm) to put on



Would have to dig through some things put away for winter to pull the actual Ford part number off of the box to confim is matches the Manufacturer Part Number on the web site

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Thanks for all your answers. Does anyone know the part number for the KR mufflers?

Has anyone heard a 2014 Roush stage 3 ? How do the the KR mufflers compare in loudness to the stage 3? Thanks again!


Also known as the FR500S mufflers: http://www.buyfordracingfromdpm.com/2005-2009-mustang-gt-2007-2009-svt-fr500s-muffler-kit-50-state/ They are a good choice and they don't drone. They even sound OK on the 4.6 cars, but for some reason, more "exotic" on the 4 valve engines. I ran a set on my '08 Bullitt (3V 4.6) for a couple of years, but have since changed to something quieter (Shelby/JBA 4" tip chambered).

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Does anyone know the difference between the Ford Racing M-5230-S, the M-5230-SGT, and the M-5230-5GT? Which has better sound quality? Which is the loudest? Which one should I put on my 09 GT 500? I prefer louder but not cackling!


Thanks again



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I had a set of the Ford Racing Stingers (49 State legal) on my stock 2008, loved the sound but didn't like the drone around 1800 rpm. Great sound, loud when you get on it. Shoot me a pm with your cell and I will text you a video clip of it at idle. Replaced them with KR's not as loud but no drone. If you are running a taller gear than the stock 3.31's you will not have the drone at crusing speed since your rpms will be higher. Regards, Eric

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5GT and SGT are identical, just marketed differently (one for 4.6 and other for 5.4). i read somewhere that the the SGT had an extra baffle but i've ran both (one on my mustang GT and the other on my GT500) and they sound the same. they also both drone in low RPMs under load. they are made by Borla for Ford Racing.


5230-S are the same as the KR and are the ones to get. Not sure who manufactures them, but they are NOT Borla.

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do a google search and you'll find the part number. KR are hands-down the best mufflers for an otherwise stock exhaust on a GT500. period. the end.


Has the perfect ... growl ... when you start.


Low, beefy sound all around as well. Guaranteed to turn heads without being so loud as to be annoying unless you punch it at high RPMs

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I like the KR mufflers as well. I went with Corsa tail pipes and their mufflers in the end. And I really like the sound. Here is a set for sale:


Corsa 14311 Dual 2.5" Sport Axle-Back Exhaust Ford Mustang 4.6/5.4L 2005-2010

  • Type: Axle-Back
  • Diameter (IN): 2-1/2 Inch
  • Exit Position: Split Rear
  • Exhaust Type: Dual
  • Includes Muffler: Yes
  • Muffler Brand: Sport
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Outlet Type: Dual
  • Exhaust Tip Type: Round Slant Cut
  • Includes Exhaust Tip: Yes
  • Exhaust Tip Size (IN): 4 Inch
  • Exhaust Tip Material: Stainless Steel
  • Muffler Quantity: 2
  • Muffler Configuration: Single Inlet And Single Outlet
  • Includes Hardware: Yes
  • Required Welding: No
  • Sound Level: Robust/ Aggressive
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My mechanic and I installed the KR mufflers on my 2008 GT500 yesterday. First...do shop around online. Prices vary considerably. Second...we had a hell uv a time figuring out how to mount the new KR mufflers using the original hardware. We all but gave up until we discovered that the mounting brackets had to be reversed. That's right. Flip them. End result is a terrific sound. I wish I hadn't waited this long to make the change.

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