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Has Anyone Ever Heard Of This Truck? 1990 Shelby Power Wagon.

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The 1990 Dodge Ram Rod Hall Edition truck was an attempt by Chrysler to keep Shelby Auto's alive after the cancellation of the 1990 Shelby CSX and the 1990 Shelby Dakota. Unfortunately the Rod Hall truck was a sales failure that coincided with Carroll's failing heart which brought to the end of Shelby Auto's, Whittier California.


Shelby Auto's was also going to build a Don Garlits Supercharged Dodge Omni, another vehicle without the Shelby name on it, but that too ended abruptly. The economy had started a downturn in 1990 which certainly didn't help.



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Surprisingly, I can still see the ad from eBay.


Just wanted to point out a small discrepancy in that seller's ad. The seller states that 33 were produced. I've seen higher dash plaque numbers.


I've seen over the years, a white and a red Rod Hall Signature Series. The dash plaque serial numbers on those were in the 30s.


The white one was like #35 or #36. Somewhere, I have a picture of the dash plaque of that white truck.


Also, the truck left Dodge as a factory 4x4. The proper designation is a Dodge W150, not a Dodge D150 (2 wheel drive).


The dash plaque denotes this as being a Dodge W150S.



Central California

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