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Mustang Gt Bolt Ons


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I have an 06 mustang gt. I have installed a jlt series 3 cai and a preloaded 93 octane tune from my sct x4 tuner. I have also removed the stock mufflers from the car and have no mufflers at this time. I am looking some more blot on he. Enough is never enough lol. Could u please post ur experience with mods and what mods I should invest in. Thx in advance!!!

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K thanks. Prolly gonna put long tubes and an offroad X pipe on. What's a good combo for that??? And what's a good axle back exhaust???


if you're gonna do that you should stick with chambered mufflers, for back pressure and noise. that's assuming you don't have strict emissions laws. if you do, you'd better at least add hi-flow cats.


as far as mods go, you should consider adding an under-drive accessory pulley and a lightweight drive-shaft. these mods don't add HP, but they free up more existing HP to be sent to the rear wheels. both will make a noticeable difference.

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