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New Michelin Super Sport Size From Tirerack Or Continental Extreme Contact Dw

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Ive searched and searched about what tires to get for my 07, I would like to run the same size on all 4 corners. I have narrowed it down to 2 choices. The Continental Extreme Contact DW 285/40/18s or the NEW Michelin 275/40/18 Super Sports I found on Tire Rack. I know the 275/40s will fit but unsure if the 285s would. Being a new tire I doubt anyone has experience with it yet, but I just cant seem to pull the trigger on either set yet. Also the Michelins are 26.7 not 27 inch tires, I can compensate with the tuner for revs per mile but will that affect gearing? Ive got 331s.

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I had the Continental Extreme Contact DW's on my 2011 GT-500 an loved them for daily driving. They were fantastic in the rain as it was a daily driver. On my 2014 GT-500 I added the Michelin Super Sports and they are eon's ahead of the Stock Goodyear F1's in my daily commute. They too have been a fantastic and inspire confidence in daily driving. I don't really believe you could go wrong with either tire as compared to the stock tires. If your replacement tires are slightly shorter it will give you the same effect of having a slightly higher rear end ratio.


I bought my Michelin's through Tire Rack and had them shipped to the local Pep Boys to be installed. I have a buddy who runs the Pep Boys Speed Shop portion of the shop and even with my discount he could not beat the Tire Rack price so he told me to order them and have them sent to his shop for install.

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