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2012 Shelby Gt350 Build Numbers

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Production numbers and option breakdown for the 2012 Shelby GT350 including the 50th Anniversary GT350 cars.


Painted stripe numbers will be added at a later date for the non 50th Anniversary cars. (Painted stripe numbers added March 2015)





UPDATE: 50th Anniversary PDF updated March 2015. Change to 3.73 gear column with a new corrected number of 12 cars having SAI installed 3.73 gears instead of the previously count of 9 cars.


UPDATE: 2012 GT350 PDF updated March 2015. Added painted stripes numbers. Multiple changes made to other columns, most notably the Eibach and 3.73 gears columns. 8 additional cars had the Eibach suspension upgrade (at no charge) due to supply issues with the FRPP suspension. 7 additional cars had SAI installed 3.73 gears which had previously been counted as Ford installed. A few other numbers changed due to customer order changes that were invoiced separately.






2012 GT350 50th Anniversary Production Breakdown Chart TS Version Revised March 2015.pdf

2012 GT350 Production Breakdown Chart TS Version REVISED March 2015.pdf

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Updated PDF
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Very interesting, and I guess I could speculate that 2013 will be less, and 2014 will be even less in totals.

I suspect 2014 numbers may be larger than the 2013 numbers due to it being the last year for the SAI built GT350 and with at least two Ford dealerships placing a large number of orders because of that.


I haven't confirmed this but again I suspect this will be the case.



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