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Who Owns 06H097?


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Looking thru my pics from the 50th in Charlotte I came across one with a Indiana license plate with these numbers and letters, ( 93L2 ) and the plate frame was Black with GT-H and 06H0097. I didn't meet the owner but sure would like to know who they are.

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That would have been my car you saw down there at Charlotte, parked inside of Turn 4. I didnt do too much hanging out around my car at the 50th, so that's why I probably missed you down there.




#97 currently resides in Indianapolis!


Dave thanks for the come back. I was just going thru Haralds list and you bought yours way back in 07. Now if I could only find the 07 that I saw in West Bend WI. last month. Hope to meet up with you in the future.

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