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Vmp Twinjet 67Mm Throttle Body


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I'm new to the forum and did a search but did not find anything. How much does a 67 tb increase power assuming exhaust and intake is already on the car.


The stock twin 60 is the equivalent of 84.9 mm single throttle body. The Cadillac CTS-Vs come with an 87 and they are only rated at 556 hp. I would think a duel 67 would be a great power gain. This would then be the equivalent of a single 94.75 mm tb.

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I run L&M's twin 66's on both my TVS equipped KRs. The throttle bodies are works of art. The only thing I had to do was set the voltage on the positioning sensor to correct an idle issue. I would imagine that is inclusive to all throttle bodies.

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