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First To Second Grind Issue Resolved


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I posted about 10 days ago that I was having trouble shifting first to second . I am happy to say that Ford did step up to the plate and fix this. They replaces second gear, synchro, blocks. Its like a whole new car now, The shifting is smooth at high rpm .I am amazed at the difference and actually have confidence making high rpm shifts. The service tech said the key to getting warranty work done are .


1. No mods

2 No signs of abuse

3. being able to recreate the problem


In my case I insisted that the tech go for a test drive with me before I left the car. I allowed him to drive making high rpm shifts while driving the car more spiritedly it did grind going into second even while he was driving. He did tell me that during normal testing they are not used to driving customers cars in a more spirited manor.


I hope this helps someone


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