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New Member From Texas 2012 Black Shelby Svt Package Shifting Problem


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I used to have a 1968 Coupe with a 351w C-4 tran , She was one sweet ride but my wife made me sell her, After about a year I began to get lonely and about 3 weeks ago i found a 2012 Gt500 online with only 4000 miles at a local dealer. I went and looked at her and it was love at first site. After leaving the dealer I took her to a local car saloon to get a full detail. I wanted to show her off a little so i took her too my father n laws who has an older cobra and he new right away what it was and his eyes were full of excitment . I offered to let him drive. After leaving his house he attempted a high rpm shift from #1 to #2 and she let out a noise and denied him locking him out. After getting to know her for about a week I decided we needed a night on the town, I treated her to the #93 at the gas station and we were off. The night was going really well within about 30 mins a Gt pulled up beside us and started eye balling us and I knew it was on. The light turned green and we both let off our clutches about the same time while still in first gear I looked over and this guy his eyes got really big as to say what did I get into. My car jumped out on him while trying to quick shift to second she made a noise and I was denied entry into # 2. The guy in the stock Gt said goodbye and my night was over. I began wondering what was causing this was it me ? I read advise on this forum about this issue and decided I needed to work on my shifting technique. The following weekend I decided to take her to a local drag strip. At the track I had a very hard time hooking up and twice was locked out of second gear to be honest with everyone I was slaughtered by just about everything out there.I think a grandma in a station wagon beat us at one point. My reaction times however were really good, only highlight of the night. I returned to this forum and read more about this issue so I decided to call a ford dealer here,told them the issue and made an appointment the service manager new who I was when I walked in the door he asked if I could leave the car and advised me if the issue was the clutch that it only carried a year warranty and it would cost me about $3000. I requested that a tech go for a ride with me before I left the vehicle there. Another gentleman standing there suggested they get a certain tech who is familiar with these car go with me. As we were walking to the car I asked the tech if he wanted to drive and he replied no I would like to see what your doing. We left the dealer and I found a safe place to demonstrate this to him.I launched at 4000 rpm and shifted to second pulling the shifter toward my hip foot of the gas allowed rpm to drop a sec and it went right into second. I pulled over and told him it was his turn to drive. He got behind the wheel and asked if it did the same thing from a roll I said I did not know. And at that moment heaven opened up when he went from #1 to #2 she screamed at him, he was denied entry into #2 . His eyes got big and he said the clutch pedal was on the floor. I said see that what it does and i asked him if he could imagine having a track car that cant go down the track? I asked him if the clutch felt good and he said it felt like brand new. upon our return to the dealer while in front of the service manager hanging his head a bit he told him that it grinds going into second, And it most likely is a synchro issue they would need to replace and possibly second gear as well . I asked if this was covered under the factory warranty and he said yes the car has no mods and has no signs of abuse its just a defective part. I would like to thank everyone on this forum for all the good advice on this topic. I will keep you all posted on the results of there work and if it fixes this issue he said it will take a couple weeks until I get the car back.

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Welcome to TS, congrats & good luck with the new ride. Ford knows about this issue, it's well documented.

Keep records of everything the dealership does to resolve your issue, as well as how much time it spends there. If the 1st repair doesn't fix it, request an upgrade in parts to 13/14 spec.

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