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2014 Tru Chase Cobra


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Hi All,


I'm still trying to get some additional info, but I can tell you that this Cobra CHASE is a TRU exclusive.




I borrowed the pic from someone on another site. I'm trying to find out a number produced. I'll let you

know if I get more info. While I don't do all the SC Cobras, I like this and am hoping to find or get one.



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well I beg to differ....LOL I have 3 coming from a menards store out of Kansas. I did call 2 other menard stores and no luck. they could have been a mis-ship but


I asked the clerk several times to describe what she was shipping me and she described that little cobra to a t. I should have them no later than wed. if it is any different


I will post. be on the look out. good luck hunting.....

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Hey Gene,


If they did get them at Menard's, it was a more than likely a mis-shipment. I heard from my contact and he said it was supposed to be part

of the TRU assortment # 16403. The Menard's assortment is # 16401. My contact says that the production on the chase is right around

1000 pcs. I will look forward to hearing what you are getting. If you want to part with one of the extras, let me know.

Take care and have a great night.



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Scott I was just in a teasing mood but yes I got 3 yesterday from menards. as well my red 427 #98 cobra has the big wheels on front and small on back and one of the


pink cobras does not have the 427 and silver painted air vent. I don't know if they are getting sloppy or what. i am sure it was a mis-ship. i just happened to call at the


right time and snagged them all. would be interested to see if any of the other stores get any in. so please post all who collect and let us know.

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