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Help! Cant Get My Axles In


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Hi there, I have been trying to get my axles in my 9' ford and for some reason they won't go in. I have had the 3rd member rebuilt with new bearings and all used same ring and pinon. Put new axle shaft seal in and cleaned up the axle bearing and tried to re installing the axles and it only goes in about 3/16 and stops. tried turning the axle and turning the yoke but still wont go in. I can feel it going in to the 3rd member but not far enough to catch on the splines. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to pull the pumpkin out again and make sure the axles go in and then re install the pumpkin...Thank you
















sorry about not posting here lately wife has had some med problems and moved once not good but am working on the 66 right now to do some putting together on the mustang. would like to go as far as I can get the motor and drive line and rear end back in the car. hopefully get it running. thanks

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thanks for all the Reply's. I will post a couple pictures one with the seal removed and one with the seal in stalled. It is a open rear end nothing special..the picture with the seal out the bearing goes in alot is that as far as it goes and it does not turn the yoke..should it..also show some pictures of the bearing old and the new ones.








old bearings






could it be that the axle seal is not in far enough




thank you for all your replys.

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I couldn't begin to help because I've never dealt with this, am not an expert, and am nothing short of a text-book mechanical problem solver rather than mechanic on the weekends.

But, if you want a reply you can have one; maybe someone more knowledgeable than myself will see this as a recently responded topic. :read:

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It looks like the seal is seated correctly in the tube. As you rotate the axle trying to engage it to the gear of the pumpkin, yes you should see the yoke turn or the opposite axle turn in the opposite rotation if a slip axle or same direction with the yoke turning if a posi. Usually the yoke will turn easier. Some times you have to lift the outer end of the axle in a way to lift the inner end to better line up the gears with the end of the axle while rotating. If you still can't get it to engage, just unbolt the pumpkin and make sure the axles will go into the gears outside of the housing. Also check the end of the axle to make sure none of the edges of the splines got nicked up while laying around causing the interference.

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