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Last Ford I Will Probably Own.......


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Contacted Ford directly today and gave them the situation with my blown clutch. 2008, 20,000 miles, how I love Mustangs :wub: and have owned many in the past..blah...blah.

I mentioned the numerous TSB's and bad press on the clutch issue...


Well they basically told me to " stick it". :airquote:


I would think Ford would stand behind there vehicle and at least help me out with parts or service fee's. Nothing we can (want) to do for you. Well Ford this is for you.... (icon giving middle finger)


Why would I want to buy vehicles from a company that doesn't stand up an admit to a faulty part issue and help to correct it ???

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You're not going to get a free clutch, period. It is considered a wearable item and is the owner's responsibility. Just have them replace it and forget about it. Grabber has some great topics about it if you want to learn about what most of us have done. There's a link in my signature that will help.

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You are still on this? Holy crap! You can wreck a clutch in 2 miles if you try hard enough! Lol so you are mad about an 8 yr old 20k mile one? Seems to me you gotta pay to play and if you can't afford to put in a clutch you bought the wrong toy! Now I gotta get back to calling nitto about my drag radials leaving rubber on my rear bumper.... Sheesh

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Have to agree with others here. Yes the timing of the clutch going out sucks, but not being the original owner you have no idea how the car was driven prior to purchasing and the clutch is a wearable item. I just surpassed 20,000 on my car and I don't drag race at all, however I am wondering how much life I have left in my clutch. I will be going with a racing application when that day comes and saving pennies in the mean time as it is a tedious job from a labor standpoint. So get the new aftermarket setup and go enjoy the car. You'll be happy at that point.

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It's currently at the dealer. I provided the McLoad RXT for them to install. Cant wait to get it back, however...


The BIG DEAL is if you don't have $2000 just sitting around it can be a drain on finances.


It would be no sweat if I was still married, and had the benefits of a double income, but you get divorced and things change in a hurry, esp. if you have children.


Yep I HAD the big house, expensive cars..... I remember what it was like to just go out and buy stuff and not think twice about it.


That's the BIG DEAL...


A bit off the topic but true just the same.

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I know you already got the RXT, but in the future you might want to just go with a stock setup.


I got my clutch and flywheel for $500 it was "used" with about 25 miles on it.


I now have a replacement "used" clutch/flywheel with about the same amount of miles on it... paid a little over $500


And not to throw fuel on the fire, but I put a Mcleod in my other Mustang and I'm not a fan of the clutch.


It's not horrible, but it's noisier than the stock clutch, and a bit less forgiving. Pedal effort is extremely light, but if I had to do it over again? Stock clutch.


(BTW the replacement is just sitting in a box in my attic as I've put about 20k miles on my other clutch and it's purring right along)

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