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L&m Verse Kenne Bell


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L&M has a lot of street cred. The only negative thing I have read is possible tuning issues with the single intake rather than the dual blade intake. Turbulence I believe. But, a dual blade big throttle body gives a nice bump in the rear - with a good tune.


To do it justice, if you haven't done this already, a 2.6" pulley and a JLT big air CAI. Then tune. And hold on!

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Have the opportunity to purchase a used 72mm L and M throttle body. I have heard good things and bad. But mostly good. The KB is a 71mm. But have heard nothing about. Anyone have any thoughts?




If you are talking about the Kenne Bell TB used on a 2.8 or a 3.6LC, that is a dual 75mm or if it is the mono-blade option it is 168mm. Link below........







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