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I Finally Did It!


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Jason, awesome. What do you think the first post payment mod will be?

Headers and gears, then cams and intake, and suspension, assuming I don't send it back to SA for a Whipple. Painted stripes and looking at adding a roll bar and the Ford Racing rear seat delete. I've been massing parts for several years that have yet find there way onto the SGT.


I just picked up a set of the 18" Alcoas that I'll be sending out to have powder coated in Hyper Black.



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Hope you can drive a s.c'd whipple before you start modding. I installed the 410's before I s/c'd .If I had installed the supercharger before the gears then I probably would have left the gears with the 355's. The 410's are definitely the best gears for non aspirated engines. The 373's are just to close to the 355's to spend the extra money even though the 373's are probably the best all around gears. The supercharger is still the best bang for the buck. Good Luck.

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