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Great Deal On Shelby Chili At Costco


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I'll have to check the local Costco for the same. Never noticed before but I usually don't pay attention in the can goods isles.

Wife will be pleased after I have some of this chili; Which is louder, the Borla exhaust or my butt?

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Excellent; my version (rabbit meat in the pot, dressed up in the bowl with "bunny bullets" hand-made from dark chocolate and oregano, as a topping) won a prize in a 1980s cook-off. Chocolate is common in Mexican cooking, and added a distinctive touch, but the base Shelby mix is plenty good.

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Saw this over on the SAAC forum where CostCo has a FOUR pack of Carroll Shelby chili for $5.99


That's $1.50 a box which is a pretty good deal since most supermarkets want $4-5 for a single box.





Oh no! You opened the box. That was going to be that rare 2014 four pack. Oh well Carroll always did say " my chili powder was meant to be used".


Good stuff.

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Pretty good chili mix that allows you to add the heat if desired. Of course, CS has not had any affiliation with the mix except for licensing the name. Started in 1972 and sold off in 1986.


The packaging has changed over the years from the original bag to the current box. During the second series, there was even a Shelby Taco Mix bag of fixings. I have the original one sold by Shelby and two subsequent designs done after CS sold the rights and the taco mix.



The CS Chili site:http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/86171-great-deal-on-shelby-chili-at-costco/?do=findComment&comment=1562845


I have not tried the current version, but expect it is probably very similar to the original mixings.

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I will have to take some liberty with the recipe for what we have on hand. I like my chili thick so I'll use the recipe with the blend of the directions: tomato paste and 1 can of chopped tomatoes and only one of the waters. We'll see.


And did I say, no beans? I guess I just see it as a box of spices.


Once I was making some hamburgers and was looking for a way to spice them up. I ran across a packet of taco spice mix. Mixed it in with the meat and just cooked them. They were great!

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