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Am I Crazy?


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I bought my first Shelby GT500 4 weeks ago and ran the vin decoder showing my paint code combo was 1 of 28. My car has 55k miles on it and I love driving it. I really want to super snake it but am conflicted about throwing that kind of dough into a high mileage car. So I happened upon another 2009 with the same paint code. It has 12k miles on it and it has a clear title for $33,000.00 . If I buy it to supersnake I would have 1/14 of the production totals for the car for 2009. I would have my driver clone and a low mileage car to send to Las Vegas. Do you guys think picking up the second car would be a wise investment while being able to satisfy my uncontrollable urge to drive these cars like CS intended.

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Not until you take a real Shelby ( or 2 ) and strip it down to nothing a build a full bore race car out of it can you make that claim.


P.S. - I spent more. :spend:

Correction: crazy denotes the ability to salvage your sanity.


Losing your mind with no hope of recovery - that may be more up your alley. :hysterical:

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