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High Voltage Car Is Always Charging At 15.2 Volts


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I have a 2011 with the FRPP 750 upgraded 2.9 whipple, I have noticed I am always at 15.2 volts. Does anyone know if this is normal for the 2.9 whipple tune?

Any ufo would be great. The dealer wants to fix it but can't figure out why it is so high. They have put a new alternator in and checked all the wiring and it still is at 15.2 volts

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An update for anyone that cares. Brand new alternator installed, still at 15.2 volts Ford is pretty sure its the pcm most likely the tune from the pro cal that came with the whipple upgrade

They sent a data log to ford performance and we are waiting for them to look at it and diagnose

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