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New Recaro Seat Covers


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I do have these right now:





Great to have as a spare set for $3K less than original Boss 302 covers. These are identical except for small upper center panel, which you can have any good trim shop change that small panel out and have Boss 302 embroidered.



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I am waiting for my Recaro's to come in. Will be installing the black and white GT500 seat covers I just received. More mods this winter. Jet hot coated Dynatech longtubes, L&M NSR cams, Whipple 2.9 kit, BAP, 2013 GT500 intercooler. Aiming for 700+ rwhp which will not be a real problem with that. The Jon Lund tune will be on the safe side and rpm not set higher then the stock 6250.

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Just what expected from ford.50000 car and cheap boss cloth seats that fall apart where you rub them getting in and out our boss mustangs. Now have to spend more wasted cash on seat covers.FORD  going down hill for profits.Lame radio and cheap  Mt 82 trans to add to the mix.

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