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Series 1 For Sale In St. Louis Area

Ford Fest

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Wow, and that's a decent price for one with 2000 miles... It would be better if it had the supercharger though. It should move quickly.



Nice looking cars, I just wish he had chosen a different engine to put in it.



Agreed with both.

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The Series 1 is an amazing car based on power to weight. The Aurora engine is the olds engine series that had the performance model in use for Indy racing for many years until Olds got out of racing development. It is an alum. V8 off shoot of the GM Northstar used in Cadillacs. It is light and has a low profile. The Series 1 disappointed many CS fans, not because it was so well engineered with aircraft grade aluminum body and platform, but because it was made yup of GM, not Ford, parts. Besides the Olds (GM) engine, the wiring and dash parts are from a Camaro.


But the car is light and fast. However, it entered the market at about 40-50 percent higher in price than the presale publicity had announced.

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