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Shelby Gt Brake Duct Kit #5S3Z-2K004/5-Gt


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That's not the one for the SGT brake duct kit. That's the one for the lights and bezels. If that's the one you need then great, if not I have one for the brake duct kit.

That is the one for the part number listed in the OP's thread title.


Please look at thread title and click link below.



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Did you ever get your instructions? let me know, if not I have them saved as well and can send them via email. The link above from Shelbymotorsports is the instuctions that came with the old set (bezels only) before it was redesigned. After they put the new set out in it came with both (Brake duct kit and bezels), so the instructions were updated with the new info on it to include the ducting and backing plate.



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