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Recaro Seat Cover Replacement


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Hi Guys,


I'm new here. I just had my 2014 GT500 delivered last Wednesday via a big orange truck from Palm Bay Ford in Florida to me here in PA. Keeping a story short, the car showed up after it had rained all night and I was anxious to get it out of the potential weather. Well, I left the car garaged until yesterday and the car had a plastic cover on the driver seat that I finally pulled off this morning and noticed that during transport, someone getting in and out put scratches in the leather on the side bolster. I'm optimisitic that the carrier will take care of the damage, but my big concern is having a new cover installed back and looking factory. I've already talked to them about a mark in the front valence during shipping.


I see there are some takeoffs on Ebay that mentioned that the hog rings around the harness openings were just cut out from the leather and makes me worry a bit.

My intention is to let a professional upholstery shop handle the switch with a new oem cover, not letting it up to a third party that the dealer has do non-mechanical work.


My big question/concern is are these covers pretty straightforward to replace given that they accomodate the air bags? Can they be as simple as unhooking the battery, removing the seat, switching the cover and reversing everything? I called Recaro today and they are no help.


Thanks for the help, and I won't apologize for being picky, not on this one. It's my first new Mustang after having saving two wrecks, an 85.5 SVO and a 93 SVT Cobra.


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It is as straight forward as you indicated. Disconnect the wire, unbolt the seat, unplug the airbag sensors connectors and power for the seat. Remove from car, remove cover, install new cover, reverse operation. Watched them do my front seat in about 45 minutes.

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That stinks for sure. I am willing to bet an experienced upholsterer can take care of that with no problem. I had a similar thing with my 08 and the dealer had their upholsterer fix it and I couldn't even tell it was scratched. Never had a problem with ever showing up again.

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Are you sure it was the trucking companies fault? It may have been done at the dealership or somewhere between the factory and dealership. I would bring it to the attention of the dealership and see what they have to say. The seat cover is almost $1800 plus installation.


Checkout this thread.

Recaro seat defect tear in leather and Ford is doing nothing about it

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