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Need Shelby Cs8 Grille Install Instructions Help


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I just ordered a CS8 grille from Shelby and thought it was the new one that had no foglight holes. When I got it there were the foglight holes cut in it. I found a place that sells the PIAA lights but i need to know how they install to the grille. I cannot get a hold of the factory brackets from Shelby so I am hopeing if I can see how they mount to the grille maybe I can get something made. If not then I may just return the grille to Shelby.


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This is great . Many thanks for posting this.

I also just ordered what James at Shelby store told me was the last CS6 grill with the light holes and the proper Shelby letters with the backing plate , He had to hunt for a few days to find and collect these for me.

Also found a supplier of the lights through eBay ... last set.. trying to find other pieces so if anyone knows of any suppliers that have stock of CS6 parts , any leads would be appreciated , started my build a bit late with it now being 2016

I am assuming these brackets templates are the same for the CS6 as well.

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