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$399 For A Dyno Tune, Pricey Or Not

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I have an 09 Gt500. I have the Diablo Sport T1000 tuner. Currently have their 93 octane with FRP CAI, with 2.7" pulley tune installed. It has been working fine even though I have a 2.5" pulley installed. I just finished installing the Dynatech long tubes with their 3" high flow cats and 3" x-pipe dumping into 2.5" pipes to Borla S type mufflers. The car is not performing like she should. I can feel she is off. Waiting on a price from Diablo Sports site on a price for a emailed tune. But they have an authorized dealer performing dyno tunes. They want $399 for dyno time and tune. Seemed a little pricey. Buy haven't done this in a while. So, not sure. Advice appreciated. I have heard the cars are predictable and don't need dynoed all the time with all the base line info out there. ???

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That sounds a little high, about $99. To high. My area you are looking at $300 for DYNO tune. If you have alott of mods it's worth it and takes about 1.5 hrs to really dial in all perimeters on the car. Plus you know exactly what HP and TQ you have. I think it's definetly worth it if once again you have a ton of mods, especially fuel system mods.


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Yea,that's what I thought. Just have what I stated earlier. But I can tell she is off. Have a friend with similar mods. And the cars are night & day. The only difference is my cookie cutter tune and his shop tune. Would go where he went. But he lived in Texas when he got it tuned. And I am not driving there just to tune the car. Will check around at a couple more trinity approved tuners. Thanks for the input!

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300-500 for a dyno tune is typical depending on the tuner, the location and mods to the car.



some guys will spend 3-4 hours dialing in every part of the tune.



once tuned you will not need another unless you modify the car. a dyno pull every 12-18 months to check things as a preventive thing is ok.

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Like most others, this sounds right in line with reality. I was quoted more for a Lund tune (with SCT Tuner) so I'd ask, do you get the tuner with it?


If you get the tuner with it, that is dirt cheap.




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