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Anyone With The 550 Whipple Running An Upgraded Cam?


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Hi All,


I was looking at installing new cams in the Shelby. I am looking at the FRRP M-6550-3V Hot Rod Cams. The setup would be the 550 whipple, FRRP 62mm TB with thess cams.


Anybody have a setup close to this in here? If yes do you like it or recommend the combination? How many more HP did you see out of this upgrade?


Thanks for any information.



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I went with blower specific cams from Comp. They are not as lopey sounding, but work better with the Whipple for getting the best performance. I know of a few Whipple 550 owners who have used the Hot Rod ones, and liked it.



Can you share more information on the cams you are using?

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Before I went beserk with my engine combo, I used these cams that I linked at the bottom. They are a custom NSR cam, and would work good with your application. I ran these for about two and a half years with my Whipple 550, and was very happy with how they performed. They did not sound as lopey as those with the Hot Rods, or the Detroit Rockers, but you will still hear the difference. You will notice better performance through out the power and torque curve with these since they are set up for blower use. Give them a call, and talk with them about what you want to do, and what your future plans may be. They have a great reputation, and really good customer service.

I still run the Whipple, but it's a whole different motor setup now with different cam needs.


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