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Egr Tube Not Threading Onto Dynatech Headers

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Finally got around to installing my dynatech full length headers with 3" x-pipe and high flow cats. After the tedious choir of putting them on and being aggravated due to scratching the ceramic finish in a couple of contact points. Dam it was tight getting them in. Anyway put k memeber back up, motor mounts in, go up top to put everything back to get on the drivers side. Go to the passenger side and bam. Egr tube is driving me nuts! Can't get it to thread on. What the hell! Has anybody else had this issue? Need advice, wanted to drive car this weekend. Worst case I guess I could install a egr delete kit. But would take 3-5 days to get here. Want to drive today.

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Update: It is in! The threads on the header are more aggressive vereses the stock was more rounded. Took a flat head screw driver and scared the inside of the egr tube. Did this 4-5 times. To deepen the thread depth. Put it back in the car and walla. Right,on like butter. A lot of people complain about the oil dipstick. Mine was the egr tube, go figure. Now to tackle the cat back hook up. They should offer an kit to connect the 3" to the 2.5". Went and bought a bunch of adapters and clamps. Time to see which ones work.

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