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Need Side View Picture Of Gt-500


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Working on the artwork for the 2014 North East Regional shelby event, working on the T-shirt design. Will feature Blue and grey cars sinc ethat was the colors of the uniforms.


I am looking for a side view picture of a new grey GT-500, simple background, no driver if possible. No 3/4 shots, gotta be a side shot. MUST be grey.


If youu have and are interested, please e-mail me - reiterdrds@ptd.net


Many Thanks!



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Dan -


E-mail on the way with high res version.




EDIT: Just realized this is in the 2010 -2012 forum, not the 'generic' GT500 forum. If you can use the pic, great. If not, the search continues.

WGC_4195 small.JPG

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That's why they invented Photoshop.


Actually thought you were looking for blue or grey. Don't know how I missed the "MUST" in caps.


....can someone Photoshop the color for Dan?



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