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Gauges On 2Din Radio Lcd Screen?

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Feel like such a noob with all my questions but meh...


was checking out some SC movies, when i saw this one.
I see gauges on an LCD 2din radio in the movie.


Anyone know how this works/seen this before?

Which radio, how to get gauges to work on that? I have not seen this before and google doesn't give me alot of usefull info at the moment


Found something about a Magden m1b which looks like this could be it (which of course isn't produced or available anymore).

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at the end of the video, the head unit is listed as a Pioneer AVIC-D3 (AVIC411.com) I would check the website but it may be an app on a phone/tuner that is routed to the screen. That's just a guess though. To get a true reading of what is going on, I imagine something is plugged into the OBDII port.

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Actually, I have that same exact unit installed. Those "gages" come with the unit.


There's a setting that let's you display various instruments on the screen, as shown in the vehicle.


It gets the data from its GPS. So, speed, direction, lateral g-forces, etc. are displayed.


I bought my unit right after I bought my car new in 2007, so it might be obsoleted by Pioneer now.

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