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Sct X4 Or Livewire Ts

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So, been reading up a bit and made a list of future N/A mods i'd like to do in the upcoming months/years, my car's engine is completely stock.


First thing I guessed I should do is get a device which gives me some more info on the engine, lets me read error codes, and gives me means of getting new tunes easily after doing an upgrade. Also to just have it run as good as possible without a Dyno tune, with the current setup.

Eventually i'd want a Dyno tune, but while upgrading can tunes should be good enough to at least get the components running decently.


I've been looking at the Bama X4 or Livewire, where the free tunes with regular bolt-ons are brilliant for me as tuning possibilities here in the Netherlands are limited and expensive, so I'd like to save that for when i'm done with a big set of upgrades, but still be able to have a decent tune meanwhile.

Are there any experiences with either the Livewire or X4? I am quite attracted by the Livewire caus i'm just a gadget kinda guy, and It looks like a nice device.


Next to all of the above, I find it important there is some sort of performance measurement in the device, which at least gives me some info after doing an upgrade on if I gained power or lost power. I understand this is in no way as accurate as a Dyno, but at least it could tell something. Something like estimated horsepower or anything like that. I can't find info on this for both devices. 0-60 time measurement mode would be a great bonus also for the same purpose.


Also something I haven't been able to find out, a Shelby GT has some modifications compared to the GT, with a little more horsepower. What tune does Bama deliver? Is that a special Shelby GT tune, or is it just a GT tune?

I wouldn't want to downgrade the Shelby GT tune to a normal tune.

I don't expect any real noticeable performance gain over the Shelby tune, so if any benefits it would be a nice unexpected bonus :)


I have more questions about the Shelby GT mods compared to a normal GT. On a GT i'd think a CAI and a new exhaust would be a good first upgrade, but with the Shelby GT's adjustment, it's very unclear how good the CAI or Shelby exhaust is, and if I should still upgrade these as a first mod, or if it's already good.


Any experiences and advice on any or all of the above? :)

Thanks a lot for your time.

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For the SCT livewire TS I see this in the feature list:

' 0-60MPH Performance Test with Estimated HP & TQ'


This would tick the box, however when looking at youtube movies, I do see the 0-60 functionality, but nowhere can I get anything even resembling 'Estimated HP & TQ'

Could anyone confirm it's really there as a feature? ^^

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