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Borla Ataks

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Picked up a set of Borla Ataks and love them. I read the reviews "no drone" etc and love the fact that they have 4" tips. I've had the Borla tourings which are fantastic but a little too mellow, the stock GTA's are amazing but one of mine has a rattle. I've had the MMS macs which sound great but drone too much, Magnaflow Magna pacs sound great but drone and I wasn't impressed with the tip. I also tried the SVE mufflers from Late Model Rest which were nice and deep but again the drone. So I was torn between getting a set of KR's or the Atak's. I went with the Ataks's due to the 4" tip.


Results? I installed them last night with my off road x pipe. At start up they are a loud compared to the GTA's but once it idles down they sound fantastic. I'm running long tubes so they really sound like the car is breathing if that makes sense. When you step on it they are loud and have a great sound. At 1500-2000 rpm no drone what so ever even with LT's and my off road x pipe. Super quiet at cruising speed. They have a little crackle and pop on down shifts.


Weather turned so I'll have to get some video clips later.






easy cruise








on the gas



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Sorry waiting out the rainy weather here in Colorado.


Yep a muffler aficionado would be one way to put it. Muffler poor is another after all the $$ spent on mufflers.

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wow that sounds great. thanks for posting. I might have to get some LT to go with the ataks

I started out with a set of equal length shorty headers that gave me a modest gain of 5-15hp on my sc'd car. The car sounded better especially with an off road x. However moving over to the LT's really improved the way the car sounds and performs.

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