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Installing Cold Air Intake On 2014 Gt350

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I bought a K&N cold air intake for my 2014 GT350 with 624hp Whipple SC. This particular intake setup doesn't require a retune. My question is, during installation, the instructions say to disconnect the battery to erase preprogrammed memory, will this effect the Shelby/Whipple programming that came with the car or will I be OK? Any input would be appreciated.

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It shouldn't. i.e. batteries to go dead from time to time. As far as IM readiness codes there are devices on the market that plug into the lighter/accessory charger that keeps power on computer while battery is disconnect. Might be good precaution.


Thanks, I'm pretty sure you are correct. Worse comes to worse, there's a pretty reliable Mustang DynoTuner guy not far from here if it comes to that. Take care!

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