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Wax On Stripes


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Ok so I did something dumb but I learned something at least, well I actually learned a couple things. I read on a 3m website that stripes should be waxed occasionally. Seemed odd to me but 3m is a reputable company obviously, and other people online had talked about waxing their stripes.....so I went for it :(. Lesson one was never wax a matte stripe!!! I already knew this, should have trusted my gut. I tried elbow grease with dry rags, washing it with hot water and dish soap (I did hear dawn specifically would work, that was next on the list), tried the car wash several times too. It was on there baking in the sun for a couple weeks as I tried to research the best way to remove it.


As an experiment I used GUNK glass cleaner from autozone, it worked! The first wipe down took off 95% of it, I'll go over it again today to get off the rest. Seems to work on the plastic pieces too that I've accidentally got a little wax on, ie heat extractor. It even cleans glass :)

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I ordered the srvt that Norton recommend in the other thread (thanks), yes they are vinyl.

I remain happy with it on all my vehicles' vinyl, rubber, and plastic. Just remember LESS IS MORE! Use it SPARINGLY, let is "dry" a little (a minute or two), and buff with a quality microfiber towel.


If you haven't watched it already, this video is pretty informative.

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