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Art Done Of Your Shelby!


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Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, and would just like to show you what i have to offer. I am currently studding automotive design in Detroit and am trying to keep up with my digital skills over the summer. I would love to do a personalized rendering of your car! Bellow are some examples of my work, all Shelby related of course! It is all digital photoshop renderings done from reference photos. I would be able to give you digital copies as well as prints. Comment bellow or message me if you would details on pricing, which is dependent on the size of the art work.






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Hey everyone thanks for the responses. Those are two my most recent pieces that are done in this medium. I have those two pics in a gallery on my member page. For an 11x17 or smaller print I would be able to do $200 for a digital version and an unframed print. If you were looking for something larger pricing would vary on print size.

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Well, based on the response, I'm guessing that price is the issue. I too would like a rendering of my Shelby GT-C, but the cost is important. Have lots of things I want to do to my Shelby with the hard earned dollars.......


Well, he has a total of 4 posts all of which were accumulated from this thread. He's probably moved on to another website to sell his wares.

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