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Fall Foliage Cruise


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Howdy All,


The San Antonio Shelby Club is looking to have a Fall Foliage cruise and I am looking for assistance and participation to help make this a successful event. I'd like to have Team Shelby Members from around the state join in as it is supposed to be beautiful during Oct - Nov time frame. While I have some initial thoughts below, I am open to all suggestions and look forward to feedback.


Right now I am thinking about going through this route: http://goo.gl/maps/h5M6D on Nov 7-9th. I was hoping that if anyone knew they area they could provide input on better locations to cruise through, coordination with the community college, good locations to enjoy the scenery, maybe a cruise past Carroll's home, etc... We would drive up Friday afternoon/evening, cruise Saturday and head back home on Sunday.


I am working with La Quinta and Hampton Inn to lock in a good room rate, and right now I am getting between $65 and $75 a night.


We have a couple months to iron out the details and I this can be a great chance to gather our region together.


Brad Taylor

San Antonio Shelby Club President



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Sounds good!! I will make sure the Houston group is aware of this.

I don't know the area, so can't be of any help there. Might be a good idea to contact the college there. Someone there coordinated the Memorial drive back in May. He may be able to help you out in planning the route.

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We are continuing to move forward and plan this event for Nov 7-9th. I am working with Jeff from the SCAT club and they are going to participate as well. It would be great to see more from the region participate if y'all are available. As we finalize the route and hotel, I'll let everyone know.

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