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Sometimes You Meet Interesting People


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Thought this was cool. I was driving my stang past my local park and saw an old truck, like the one I had in high school. So I stop by to talk to the 3 gentlemen, and one of them was the VP of Product Development for M2Machines die cast. I was informed that a couple Shelby die cast will be coming out soon, through them: The old Econoline Shelby van used to transport the drivers back and forth from the track/proving grounds and a FORD cab over rig used to transport Shelbys to dealers. I forgot to ask the scale, I am guessing the Semi will be 1;64th and the van might be that too. He also said they will be coming out with the Green/White striped 66 GT350S. The guy was really nice and enjoyed checking out my car. We talked about Shelby stuff that he was very knowledgeable about. He dealt with Tracy Smith, and also talked to Bruce K., the owner of one the 3 school of diving GT350s. That die cast that was made by M2 was modeled after Bruce's car. Anyways, just wanted to share and give you all a heads up on a couple future Shelby collectables that should be coming out in the near future. Sorry, he did not give me a date.

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