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After Market Hood Options For Larger Super Charger???

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Anyone have experience with the Shelby SS hood verses any other after market hoods like Cervini ect...?

I'm installing a 4.2 Kenne Bell and have the K member installed that lowers the engine by .5 and already had to send the SS hood back because it required too much work to make it fit, and i feel the next one might not be any better is why im asking...Thx

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Good to know about what Birddoc is using thx Thomas!

Yes i thought about cutting a hole, believe it or not i saw one on a Chrysler 300 V-series and it looked better than you think, but i dont think would look right on our car.

I'm still waiting for the second SS hood to be shipped, if i dont get something soon im moving on to option B.

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Yes, I'm going to go with the trucarbon, i love the way they look and have heard its very little work and i can leave it unpainted, because have a black car and think it would good!

Thx for all of your help I'll send pics after its all done!!!

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I'd strongly suggest that even if you leave it bare carbon, that you get it professionally clearcoated. The clearcoat that most aftermarket carbon fiber manufacturers doesn't hold up great after a couple years of use. My VIS racing hood on my old import went to hell and back after about 2 years. Would have been a lot cheaper to have it cleared beforehand.

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