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Guys. Please Help Me Out The Tsb Problem.


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Hi. All.


This is Jason from Los Angeles.


I have done clutch TSB 3 times before and the symptom kicks in again now at 66k miles. The last TSB I have done was at 33k and about 2~3 years ago. This catches up some troubles for me to do it again under the warranty. (BTW, I have purchased extended warranty so the vehicle is still under the warranty). One thing I am sure for the previously done repairs were not repaired with 10's clutch, neither replacing slave cylinders and all that. But rather they followed TSB 08-16-4 so my questions are listed below:


1. Would they accept the repair again since they have updated/revised TSB several times although I have done my homework and the clutch warranty is ended? To me, because, revising TSB again again just mean they are admitting their fault for the previous solutions (TSB 08-16-4, TSB 09-9-2, TSB-09-19-11) they had offered. Also they changed plan to fix it with 10 clutch and slave cylinders in TSB 10-3-8. so admitting it must be construed as them admitting their fault themselves.



2. Since they revised it as TSB 10-3-8, I think Ford should carry on TSB repair liability again even for those of who have done it before in wrong ways (keep replacing to new junkie clutches and flywheels over again and re-using slave cylinders again), and regardless how previous repair was done. Am I right?


3. It's my 4th time of getting messed up on the clutch although I am a super normal moderate driver. How do I possibly know if it's purely TSB problem? or my tranny got messed up or something so I have so many times of problem on this?


4. If it's Tranny problem due to the complete failure of Total TSBs I have done so far, what further action I can take?



5. Do you see a possibility to win if I take a lawyer get this issue done if dealers refuse to fix just because the last tsb's warranty is over?



Please help me. This clutch thing really pushes me away to think to get rid of the vehicle although I still love my shelby. I never slipped the clutch in daily driving and I have never abused it or anything. It's been always on mild driving condition so driver's fault should not be countered in here. I am sure for it at least.

Thank you very much for your reading.




Jason C.

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